About Rational Dad

Rational Dad: Working This Out is a blog written and administrated by James Beam.  The intent of this blog is to be a place that encourages discussion between parents or those involved in the raising of and giving care to children about relevant topics.  The blog posts are generally written from the point of view of a working father.  This is intentional.  However they will be written the third person in a style that is comparable to modern journalism.  Generally speaking, this is not about the author’s experience as a father, but rather about sharing information that can be considered and potentially used by others who care for children.

Part of the goal of this blog is to present articles that are of substantial length.  The hope is to share a set of articles that are approximately 2000 – 3000 words in length.  This should be an adequate length to treat a topic in depth and still be read in a single sitting.  This is a blog that will have substance and will be serious enough to attract a readership that is able to enter into genuine dialogue.  Yet, at the same time this is not intended to be a reference tool.  It is hoped that content is both current and relevant to actual parents and childcare givers.

In an effort to keep things both substantive and conversational we will be adding a series of video updates that have a more first person, conversational style.  The video updates will be timely and topical.  The quality of these videos will be that of a “selfie” with a handheld camera (phone).  Readers are encourage to comment and engage with these shorts films as a means of driving conversation about parenting and care giving.  These video updates will be of various lengths, unscripted and topical.  They may or may not have anything to do with recent or future blog posts.

There is no expectation of anonymity in this space.  The administrator of this blog is publicly identifying himself and it is the expectation that other contributors to this work will do so as well.  It is considered part of the blog’s sense of integrity that its contributors are known and not writing behind some pseudonym.  Nothing will be said here that couldn’t be shared in daily life in the real world.  Though we do not require such disclosure of our those leaving comments on articles there there is an expectation of earnest discussion and respect.  Disagreement is surely welcome.  Mockery, vulgarity, and obstinate behavior will in general not be tolerated.  The administration of this work reserves the right to delete inappropriate comments at any time without explanation.  Respect for one another is considered, here, a norm.

It is the hope of the administration that the blog will see new content at least once weekly.  If you are a working father and would like to contribute an article to this blog, or even be a regular contributor please feel free to contact the administrator at james@rationaldad.com.  More voices will be welcomed if we can agree on how to make that happen in a way that respects the intentions of this work.

It is hoped that this will be a source for your own reflection and possibly a place where you come to converse with other parents and caregivers for children.  Enjoy reading and sharing.  Welcome to an good conversation between earnest minds.

The discussion generated by this blog can be found at the Facebook Group ThinkParent and is supported by the hashtag #ThinkParent on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Please join in the conversation.